Thursday, 11 December 2014

How can you love me ?

Have you ever had those thoughts in life that just weigh you down? How can you (The God of all creation) love me ? A simple, small, shy girl from a small town in England. Or the thought of I'm not worthy of this ? I don't belong to anyone or I don't even deserve to live because of the mistakes I have made.  They seem to follow you around like balloons tied to your hands and feet. Once you start thinking like this, it is very hard to get out of. It becomes a pattern and one day you wake up and you find yourself staring in the mirror in absolute disgust because you have allowed your thoughts to run your life. I find myself battling with these thoughts more than I would like to admit. But the truth is everyone has gone through the same if not similar thought patterns. 

When we allow ourselves to think like this, we are also allowing the enemy to take control. It gives him a foothold into our minds that shouldn't be there.

Even in the bible it tells us that we should renew our minds. Our minds have power over our thoughts and in turn power over our emotions. That's why it is so important to keep reminding yourself of what God thinks about you.

Think about the statement for a second. "How can you love me?" Would you start asking your parents why they love you? If you do, I'm sure their response is simple! "You're our child we love you no matter what!" Right? But if you're parents don't say this, then I'm sure a close loved one will. A best friend perhaps, or even a pet.

So if that's what our earthly parents say, then think about what our Heavenly Father says about us!
What I have found out through life is that God doesn't change. He is kind, he is loving and He is always on your side. Thats just who He is. I was getting my hair cut in a lovely salon the other day when the hair dresser told me something that I found very helpful for me to understand this. He said that if our actions can't earn us grace, then they shouldn't be able to take it away. God loves us no matter what. But we have to believe it to give it its full power in our lives.

You are his child! He loves you. (Full stop) there is no but... There is no, "I have to do this to be loved." God loves! He is a loving God. So why would he just love one person and not another?  Why would he do that? The answer is he wouldn't and he doesn't. So when you next ask yourself that question, stop and think. You already know the answer! It's simple. God loves! That's why he loves you! He loves you because you are his child. He designed you. He loves you this way. He loves you just the way you are.We as humans find it hard to understand this because we think we have to earn everything. But the truth is all we have to do is just accept that God loves us. We don't even have to be the perfect Christian, (thank God) we just have to accept his love.

This is exactly what grace is. We all know we have fallen short of the glory of God, but he chooses to give it to us anyway. So when the enemy is trying to remind you that God shouldn't love you, remind him of his future and remember that God is loving not because of what we do but because of who he is.

Remind yourself of that daily and you will have a more abundant life. It will become easier to fight the battles in your head because you know deep down God Just loves you no matter what! It's your time to make the decision to shine.